Worth Giving Up

We stick with our mandate to inspire change; so, every publication, event or activity inspires change. Our first book for 2020, Worth Giving Up, is a Christian-themed piece of fiction. It explores issues of moral balance and right decision making for Christian young adults.

Christianity has given a strong foundation to a lot of young people and produced balanced adults in a lot of spheres; but celebrating the wins without reviewing the losses, for improvement, is not an objective stance. The idea of celebrating people who speak positively and shutting down every one who has a negative report is not the way that Jesus handled issues in his day. As lights in our generation, we ought to call darkness by its name and let the light of the word shine on it, but taking religious stances without letting the truth in makes us the direct opposite of who we are.

One of the major challenges that we are are faced with is wrong interpretation of the Bible, another is of submission to authority. What is the place of authority in the life of a Christian viz a viz having a personal relationship with God? Does God speak only to spiritual authority and leave those in submission as perpetual sheep who can not live without the shepherd? A few days ago, I was thrilled by a post I read from Pastor Poju Oyemade. He talked about leading people to a point where they can stand on their own and find solutions to their own challenges. I know the Bible speaks of submission to authority but as Bishop T.D. Jakes would say, prophecy comes to confirm what God has already laid in your heart. We see people interprete scripture based on culture, personal bias and other issues that blind them to the truth of God’s word and a lot of havoc is being caused in the name of Christianity.

Some family members have become enemies because one pastor said another member is a witch or doesn’t wish the other well; there are people married to strangers just because a pastor said they had to. Some religious figures treat people wrong and are justified by their flock, in the name of supporting those who cover them spiritually. There are a lot of stories which come regularly, we need to begin to understand that the Bible says false prophets will arise in the last days. What then is primary? Our relationship with our maker. Have we pushed that aside in search for good standing before man?

A lot of young people are running into other religious groups because in general, Christians are coming across as false and powerless, with rituals and directives that lack the power of God because they are not based on his word. It is better to admit weakness before God because he replaces it with his strength, it is better to say you have made a mistake than declare it the norm. We cannot try to hide our weaknesses and declare ourselves superheros before men when our flaws are glaring. Our young people are faced with challenges and choices daily and need to know that they are normal, that there is strength available to overcome.

Worth Giving Up is a piece of fiction ( a novella) that addresses some of these challenges faced by young Christian adults. It helps them see that God wants to help them through their challenges, whatever they are.

To get a copy of Worth Giving Up for your young adult, please click on this link: https://paystack.com/buy/worth-giving-up—paperback-lgqvma


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