Let’s Help Them Protect Their Eyes

The global lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic brought about some drastic changes which we are all adjusting to. One of those areas is homeschooling, restricting children to studying indoors, mainly on digital applications. The total time spent on study devices in addition to television viewing has increased and can be detrimental to the eyes of our children/wards, now and on the long run. Doctors advise that after 20 minutes of fixing the eyes on digital appliances, we should look away for at least 20 seconds at objects about 20 feet away. We can encourage our children to practise this as it will help protect their eyes from strain. We can also listen for complaints regarding their eyes, headaches and pain in the neck. These could be signs of issues with their eyes. While we take precautionary measures, please let us ensure their eyes are checked when necessary. We want them to read, but we need their eyes fit to read with.


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