Rita, a young teenage girl who was bullied constantly by her peers, decided to start fighting back, she had had enough. News got to her father that his daughter hit someone else’s child in the neighbourhood, without asking her about it, he got home and gave her the beating of a lifetime.

She became angry and started out on the offensive. She started hitting people whenever they got her upset, especially boys and her dad always flogged her when he heard.

One rainy day, she went to buy something from a nearby shop and lost some naira notes which the wind blew into a gutter that was flowing hurriedly. She went back to tell her dad, he looked her over in disdain and said

“So you have now added stealing to your bad behaviour”.

She could not defend herself, judgement had been passed on her. The 12 or so strokes which landed on her back and bottom told her, as they landed, that honesty was pointless.

She chose to give it one last shot, and on Aunt Uche’s wedding day, she saw two boys stealing the meat her grandma, whom she was meeting for the first time, kept for the family to eat with after the ceremony. The protector in her ran to defend the lot; but as they struggled, other family members came out and the boys chose to defend themselves with a lie.

” We were trying to stop this girl from stealing the meat, shouted one of them, supported by the other.”

Her father looked at her knowingly, she knew where he was headed and could not defend herself. As he shook his head and walked away, she knew what would ensue, but didn’t think she could take it anymore.

Relatives poured advice on her, screaming their disappointment, her grandma whom she was glad to meet walked out in anger saying

“And she is an only child”.

With no one to hear her out, no shoulder to cry on; she ran far away, as far as her feet could run and cried.

As night fell, a group of guys and girls who smoked weed began to gather close by. They seemed happy, she thought. She gradually walked closer, till she was in their midst. They welcomed her heartily and she felt accepted.

She didn’t care anymore what anyone thought, it didn’t matter what her dad said about smokers, that they died early. She was willing to die, she could not take the rejection one more time. Her new friends laughed at her initial cough, but that was fun, she laughed too. As her senses dulled and her shirt went off, there was no fight left in her. Bliss was what she sought and bliss was what she got.

Copyright(C) 2017 Omonefe Oisedebamen Eruotor

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Please parents and caregivers, this is just a reminder that every child before us should be treated with care, so that we do not destroy with our own hands what we intend to build. #thegirlchild #girlchild #thechild #vulnerablechildren


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