Weight Loss Fever

Hello People,

It’s been a busy week, one of those when you feel like eating the whole world in a day and end up angry with yourself for yielding to cravings.

I have been on a weight loss programme which had helped me lose 9 kg before this week. With the picky fingers, I was shocked  to realize I had regained 1.8 kg and the cravings are still in play.

Mine may just be a few kilograms which I trust God to help me burn in the next couple of days, but I can imagine the frustration felt by people who have tried endlessly to shed weight. I can imagine how it feels to starve yourself, try to watch your diet or run endlessly and still not lose a kilogram.

It is true that some types of weight gain are genetic and are difficult to handle, some other people may have food addiction which makes it difficult to achieve their weight goals. My advice is – get help. Quit trying so hard when you are not sure of the outcome, it can increase your frustration. Get a coach, someone who will study your body system and help you through the process.

Don’t give up or try things that could be detrimental to you. It is better to do this on your own and not be forced by a health challenge, because that will put you under intense pressure. Also, check your relationships that keep you comfortable with wrong diets, get a bathroom scale and stay positive.

Much Love,



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